Customize Your Natural-Fits: Size and Coating Options

The Natural-Fit has two components: The contoured thumb piece and the oval component. Options are offered for each of these components. Having these options allows for better customization. Below is a detailed description of the options and the ways in which they can be mixed and matched to meet the preferences of the user.

Natural-Fit vs. Natural-Fit LT (Oval Options)

  • The size and weight of the oval component is the difference between the Natural-Fit and the Natural-Fit LT.
  • The Natural-Fit (below to the left) uses the original, larger profile oval. It offers 80% more surface area for gripping than a standard handrim yet weighs just 9 ounces more.
  • The Natural-Fit LT (below to the right) uses a reduced weight, smaller profile oval. It is more than 17% lighter and is designed for those looking for a reduction in weight or a smaller gripping surface (for those with smaller hands).

The Natural-Fit

The Natural-Fit LT

Standard Grip vs. Super Grip (Thumb Piece Options)

  • Both the Natural-Fit and the Natural-Fit LT come with Standard Grip or Super Grip coating options for the thumb piece.
  • The Standard Grip (below to the left) uses a powder coat on the thumb piece that provides a low friction surface to go along with the smooth braking surface on the oval.
  • The Super Grip (below to the right) uses an advanced copolymer coating that provides a higher friction surface on the thumb piece (it is similar to a vinyl coating). This provides a grippier propulsion surface for your thumb.
  • For those users interested in the ergonomic features of the Natural-Fit but who do not like high friction surfaces, then the standard grip may be your best choice. For users who want both the ergonomic benefits of the Natural-Fit along with a grippier propulsion surface, the Super Grip will be the better choice.
  • Keep in mind that these coating options are for the thumb area only. The oval component of the Natural-Fit is always hard anodized in black to provide a smooth braking surface.

Standard Grip

Super Grip

Cross-Sections of the Natural-Fit Handrim: Help in Making the Choice

For clinics and dealers, we offer Natural-Fit Cross-Sections that allow your clients, first hand, to see and feel the differences between these options. If you would like a cross-section sent to your clinic or dealer, please e-mail us at or call us at 509-416-4317.

Other Options

It is the combination of the Natural-Fit's contoured thumb piece and the oval that gives the Natural-Fit and the LT their unique ability to provide a superior gripping surface, a place to rest your thumb, and dual surfaces for propulsion and braking. However, because we recognize that each person has their own preferences, there are also options in which these components may be used separately. Here are just a few examples:

  • If you are only interested in a larger gripping or braking surface, then you may want just the oval component, which with a tab mount, can be set in the narrow, inside tab position, reducing the width of your wheelchair.
  • If you are only interested in closing the gap between your rim and wheel (so that your fingers do not get caught) and/or in having a place to rest your thumb, then the contoured thumb area may be all you want. Our contoured thumb pieces can be installed using most existing round-tube handrims, provided that they are not coated.
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