Information for Dealers

Thank you for your interest in the Natural-Fit Handrim. The Natural-Fit is also available on the order forms of every major wheelchair manufacturer including: TiLite, Quickie, Invacare, Colours, Invacare, Top End, Quantum Rehab, Freedom Designs, Kuschall, RGK, Lasher Sport, Ki Mobility, or Melrose Kiwi Concept wheelchairs. The Natural-Fit is also offered on Magic Wheels. In each case, you just need to mark the Natural-Fit option on their order forms.

If you are ordering the Natural-Fit Handrim separately, you will always need to know the following to place your order:

  1. Does your client want the Surge or Surge LT (Difference is in the size of the oval)
  2. Wheel Size (20", 22", 24", 25", 26")
  3. Wheel Type (standard spoke, mag, Spinergy, X-Core, etc.)
  4. Attachment Type:
    • 6-Point Tab (flat tab, screws go perpendicular to the axle and into the wheel rim)
    • 6-Point Rivet Nut (screws go parallel to the axle through plastic round spacer sleeves)
    • 7-Point Rivet Nut (Invacare Mag) - (24" only)
    • 8-Point Rivet Nut (Skyway Mag) - (24" only)
  5. Natural-Fit (Original) or Natural-Fit LT (Smaller Profile)
  6. Natural-Fit Grip Type: Standard Grip or SuperGrip

* For flat free or solid insert tires on wheels with Tab attachments, the Natural-Fit must be installed prior to the flat free tires.
* You cannot install on Quickie Mag Wheels ordered without a handrim ("handrim delete") -- they will not have the necessary standoffs on the wheel. Always order mag wheels with the rim, then remove it to install the Natural-Fit.

We need these questions answered so that we can insure that you get the correct Natural-Fit components and mounting hardware. Please have the answers to these questions ready prior to placing your order. To learn more about the grip options or the attachment types, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Become an Out-Front Dealer

If you would like to become an Out-Front Dealer, please download our Dealer Package or contact us at You may also call 509-416-4317 to receive a dealer package by fax or regular mail. This dealer package is designed to assist you and your staff in learning more about the Natural-Fit Handrim and contains the following information:

  • Part Number and Retail Price List
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Dealer Application
  • Credit Application
  • Natural-Fit Handrim Order Form
  • Product Brochure

Upon receipt of the completed Dealer Application, we will add your company to the list of Out-Front Dealers on our website.

We also provide information and assistance regarding Reimbursement relating to the Natural-Fit. Please let us know if you would like us to send you Natural-Fit brochures for you to give to your clients. We are looking forward to working with you in the future!

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