Installation of the Natural-Fit and Natural-Fit LT Handrims

Please be sure that the installation instructions that we provide are carefully followed! Failure to follow the instructions will void the product warranty. Ignoring the instructions may lead to improper installation which may result in:

  • Damaging the handrims.
  • Slippage of the thumb component which may create noise when propelling.
  • Unnecessary gaps between the thumb component and the oval component.

Instructions for Tab Mount (Natural-Fit and the Natural-Fit LT)

For the Tab attachment, connecting screws go perpendicular to the wheelchair axle into the wheel rim and through flat tabs on the handrim. Most spoke wheels (except standard Quickie wheels) and Spinergy use a tab attachment. For wheels that use a Tab Mount, the tire needs to be removed to install the Natural-Fit. For "flat free" or solid insert tires on wheels with Tab Mounts, the Natural-Fit must be installed prior to the tires.

Please choose the instructions you need from the list below:

Instructions for Rivet Nut Mount (Natural-Fit and the Natural-Fit LT)

With a Rivet Nut attachment, screws go parallel to the wheelchair axle into plastic round spacer sleeves and into a rivet nut set in the handrim (no tabs on the handrim). Rivet nut is used on Mag, X-Core, and standard Quickie wheels.

You cannot install the Natural-Fit on Quickie Mag Wheels ordered without a handrim ("handrim delete") - they will not have the necessary standoffs on the wheel. Always order mag wheels with the rim, then remove it to install the Natural-Fit.

Please choose the instructions you need from the list below:

Trouble-Shooting Tips:

If you are having problems attaching the Natural-Fit to the wheel or if your Natural-Fit rims appear to be poorly installed (e.g., there is movement in the rim components or there is a cracking noise coming from the rims), please review the trouble shooting tips below.

Tips Prior to Installation

  1. Be sure that you have the correct Natural-Fit Handrims for the type of wheel you are attaching them to.
    • If you are attaching the Natural-Fit to a wheel that uses tab mounts (e.g., Spinergy wheel), be sure that the Natural-Fit has 6 flat tabs extending from oval component of the handrim.
    • If you are attaching the Natural-Fit to a wheel that uses a Rivet Nut mount (Mag, X-core, some Quickie spoke wheels), then be sure that there are 6 rivet nuts set into the oval (there should be no tabs sticking out of the oval).
  2. For wheels that use a Rivet Nut mount, be sure that you have the correct spacers and screws.
    • For Quickie spoke wheels, you must use 1 3/4" screws with long (1 1/8") black spacers.
    • For Quickie Mag (6-point) wheels, you must use 2" screws and short (1/8") white spacers that sit on top of the black standoff on the mag wheel. Be sure that the Quickie Mag wheel has the necessary standoffs on the wheel.
    • For Invacare 7-point Mag wheels, you must use 1 3/4" screws with long (1 1/16") black spacers.
    • For X-Core wheels, only new spacers are provided (the original screws are reused).
    • For more information and pictures to guide your way, please use the Detailed Instructions linked to above.
    • If you do not use the correct spacers, the Natural-Fit will not properly attach to the wheel and it may get damaged during installation.

Tips to Correct Poor Installations and/or Noise-Related Issues

  1. If the thumb guard is not centered on the wheel, or spins when you push on it, then you should loosen the screws and realign or readjust the thumb guard. Be sure it is tightly secured (screwed down) to the wheel rim (see next tip).
  2. If the compression fit between the handrim assembly and the wheel rim is not fully tightened down, then it allows for slight movement of the components which can create creaking or squeaking noises. To fix this, re-install the Natural-Fits - that is, losen the screws and start the installation process over again (see the instructions above). In this case, please take extra care to insure that the Natural-Fit assembly is securely tightened down to the wheelrim.
  3. If you have solid tires, please check the brand. We have had multiple reports from Natural-Fit users of noise associated with SHOX Solid Tires. When the SHOX tires were switched out, the noise stopped. If you have SHOX Tires and you are experiencing noise, consider switching to a different solid tire such as Kik Tires (
  4. If you have pneumatic tires, be sure that they are fully inflated. As tires become deflated, they buldge out and may create friction with the thumb piece of the Natural-Fit that may result in a squeaking noise.

If you are having trouble with your installation and you would like our assistance, please e-mail us at or call us at 509-416-4317.

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