What Users of the Natural-Fit Have to Say

Featured Natural-Fit User: John Ruf

Sailing World Champion in the 2.4mR Class, 2009; and Bronze Medalist in Sailing at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, China

"I've been floating back to earth after winning a Bronze Medal at the Paralympics in Beijing. The Natural-Fit played a role in making my goal possible. Thanks for making such a big difference with every push I take."

John F. Ruf - Pewaukee, WI

Featured Natural-Fit User: Gail Goepfert

Four-Time Finisher and Supporter of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day

"Wow! My first push was terrific, and compared to my small round handrims from before, I can't believe the difference! My grip on the Natural-Fits is lighter because they are larger to grab and I am so looking forward to being clean, again! Yesterday was the 1st full day I used them; I went shopping and actually had clean hands! And the white shirt I had on was clean, too! Old habits are hard to break, but I don't think it's going to be long before I'm not touching my tires to get an effective push on my wheelchair. Thank you Natural-Fit for making my life easier!

Gail Goepfert - Largo, FL

Featured Natural-Fit User: John Tuzzolino

Retired Military, Sports Director - Arizona Chapter PVA

"I was having lots of wrist and forearm pain, receiving injections to try to decrease the pain and inflammation without much relief. Then I tried the Natural Fit. My pain was literally better overnight! I've been using my Natural-Fits for years and haven't had any of the wrist or forearm pain that I used to have. I would recommend them to anyone, young and old alike. They just make sense."

John Tuzzolino - Phoenix, AZ

Featured Natural-Fit User: Tammy Wilber

"I have been using the Natural-Fit for over a year now, and this is the first time in 15 years my hands are smooth. Since I no longer push on the tires, I don't have cracks on my thumbs and no calluses on my palms. I would often get pain from having to grasp the handrims, and it would aggravate my carpel tunnel and my hands would cramp up. Then I discovered the Natural-Fit. At first I thought it would be a strange transition but the name speaks for itself, it was a very NATURAL transition and less effort for me to push. Within a couple of days, I noticed my hands cramped less because I didn't have to grasp the handrims so tight. The Natural-Fit is the way to go if you want to make your life easier pushing around."

Tammy Wilber - Seattle, WA

What More Natural-Fit Users Have to Say

"I have been a paraplegic for 34 years. The years have taken a toll on my hands, wrist & shoulders. I purchased a pair of Natural Fit Handrims in Oct. of 2009. At first use I thought, they felt good then as the days passed I noticed my hands, wrist & shoulders were no longer bothering me. Just a few weeks ago my chair needed to be serviced so I had to use another chair with standard rims. I could feel the difference immediately & could not wait to get back into my chair!!"
Sylvia Lee
Glendale, OR

"I have been using the Natural Fit hand rims for almost a year now and they are incredible! I ordered them to use on my new chair after I had tried them and I still am amazed at them. I have a few different chairs that I use, but the chair with the Natural Fit is the one I prefer. With the Natural Fit I don't need gloves, yet my grip seems better. If I am using it a lot I get NONE of the shoulder pain that I have had for years that was made worse by using regular hand rims. The chair pushes easier, it feels like I am barely pushing and no pain at all. My hands also stay cleaner and they look cool. Being on a limited budget I still feel that these are a huge bargain when you consider the difference they make in my life."
Gary Sitler
Okeechobee, FL

"I absolutely love my Natural-Fit Handrims! I can't believe I went so long without them and that they are not on every manual wheelchair that is made. It makes pushing so much easier and feels so much better on my hands than the narrow little rims I had before. It also prevents my hands from getting dirty. Because my rims were so narrow before, I would end up gripping the wheel to push. I don't have to do that anymore, and my hands look so much better! I am stopped by other wheelchair users quite frequently asking me about them. I always sing your praises."
Teal Sherer
Los Angeles, CA

"I just got your product through Sportaid and wanted to let you know that YOU ROCK! It is a fantastic product and makes me wonder why all wheelchairs don't come from the factory with Natural-Fits! Thanks for a great, affordable product."
John Livingston
Chicago, IL

"I wish there was a way that everybody in a wheelchair could try the Natural-Fit Handrims. They would not want to ever put their hands back on those torturous little skinny push rims that are the standard on every chair. Skinny little push rims should be outlawed as unsafe for human use. The Natural-Fit Handrims are that much better. But do not listen to these testimonials; find a way to try them out for yourself. Then you will know."
Glen Frese
Wenatchee, Washington

"Just wanted to tell you I have had the Natural-Fits installed on my X-core wheels for 10 days now on two chairs - a rigid frame Colours Boing and a Quickie Microlite - and they are FABULOUS. Thank you for reinventing the wheel!"
Paul A. Spiers, Ph.D.
Danvers, Massachusetts

"I am a para and have been pushing a manual wheelchair for over 35 years. I have had pain in my hands and thumbs from pushing (or just overuse) for the last 5 years. The pain is mostly in my thumbs and the pads of my hands. I have been to doctors and a chiropractor who were not able to help the pain. About 3 weeks ago I started using Natural Fit handrims and the pain in my hands and thumbs have been greatly reduced. I have started pushing around the block and going more places because pushing is not a pain anymore. I love Natural Fit handrims and would recommend them!!!!"
Tammy J. Hillman
Lakewood, CO

"The Natural-Fit Handrims on my Custom Ti-Lite rigid chair have significantly reduced my hand and wrist pain. They are easy to grasp and a 'natural fit'."
Julie Maloukis
Manchaca, Texas

"I found that the standards handrims were just not "doing it". I have large hands and grasping those skinny handrims was tough - cramped hands, sore thumbs, wrist pain - the works. I then read an ad for the Natural Fit handrims in New Mobility magazine and thought that they sounded like a great idea. Taking a deep breath, I decided to order a set. All I can say is - Wow! I am so pleased with them - the chair now feels like something that I can use in a way that will give me lots of control with acceleration, braking, cornering, etc. and my hands feel great. The quality is fantastic and they were incredibly easy to install - took me all of about 10 minutes! So, I just wanted to pass on my impressions and let you know how happy I am that I made the "dive"! When one has to begin to use adaptive equipment, it is nice to know that there are quality products available out there - keep up the great work! Thanks."
Rick Simonsen
Snohomish, WA

"I have a set of Natural-Fit Handrims and I wish I had them many years ago. I've been in a chair for 40 years and the Natural-Fit rims are the best accessory that I've bought. I get better grip that is much easier on my hands and this also means better braking. Thank you for a great product."
James McNeely
Ridgecrest, CA

"Recently had a set of your handrims put on my chair. Open heart surgery had prevented me from going up my ramps without help. Now I can get enough grip to make it all the way up my 30 foot ramp, without slowing down. Thanks for a great product. By the way, I am 78 and going stronger, with your help."
Lewis Wood
Opelika, Alabama

"Natural Fit handrims are great! Pushing my chair with these handrims allows my body to be more ergonomically correct. The larger grip of the rim places the hand in a more open position to relieve stress on the wrist by distributing over the whole wrist area. My elbows are closer to my body where there is greater strength and less effort for the push. My shoulder pain is much less also. I have stopped taking 25 mg. Vioxx and now take 1, and some days 2 Aleve tablets daily = savings $50.00 a month for Vioxx to $2 or $3 a month for Aleve."
Gary W. Venjohn
Phoenix, Arizona

"It's a great product. I've been telling everybody about the handrims and giving them the web address."
Allison McDaniel
Melbourne, Florida

"The Natural-Fit Handrim that Out-Front has developed has improved my quality of life and mobility on a daily basis, but also through a long-term benefit of overall health in my shoulders and wrists."
Darol Kubacz
Phoenix, Arizona

"With the new handrims, there are no control concerns at all on a downslope. Also, going upslope, there is enough grip on the new handrims to keep the chair from slipping backwards after making a forward push. Overall, I think the new handrims are a great improvement over the original handrims, especially since I lack the hand strength to get a tight grip on them. They work much better for me in virtually all ways I've tried them."
John Phillips
Saratoga, California

"Like handrims very much - wider surface to grip. Can't think of any improvements. Yes, comfort and mobility are enhanced - and I like the look."
Bette Stephens
Santa Clara, California

"Excellent product and I wished I knew about it 20 years earlier because I wouldn't have had to have surgery on my hands."
Tomas Rodovsky
Fountain Hills, Arizona

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