Course Registration - Saving It for Later! Upper Limb Preservation in Manual Wheelchair Users

Welcome to the course registration for the Online CEU Course Saving It for Later! Upper Limb Preservation in Manual Wheelchair Users. To complete your registration please read the following instructions and fill out the form below.

If you would like to read a summary of the course before registering, please view to our Course Summary.

Overview of the On-Line Process

To insure the integrity of this on-line course, there are several stages to the registration process and to taking the course itself. Please carefully read the summary of the process below. It contains important information about how the on-line course works -- it's information that if you read now it will save you from errors and frustration later.

Summary of Steps in the Process:

  1. Registration: Once you complete the registration form (See Below), you will be automcatically forwarded to a Payment Page (collected through PayPal).
  2. Payment and Confirmation E-mails: Once you complete your payment using PayPal, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal AND you will receive an e-mail confirmation directly from us that will include password information and the link to the course that will allow you to log-in and begin viewing the course modules. The confirmation e-mail from us is NOT automatic - we manually process each registration and then send out the password and link to the course. If you do not get an immediate response, please be patient - we promise to respond within 24 hours. If have you have not heard from us within that time frame, please e-mail us at Your confirmation e-mail will also contain links to allow you to download the Power Point slides that accompany the course modules. Downloading these slides is NOT a requirement (they are also presented in the course modules) but is offered as an option. Once you receive the confirmation e-mails, we ask that you complete the on-line course modules within two months.
  3. Viewing of Course Modules: As you will see once you log-in to the course, it is divided into 6 modules (6 separate video segments) that vary in length from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. At the beginning of each module, the length of the module is noted at the top. When viewing a module, you will have the ability to pause the video if you want to take a break, but do NOT close the video window or you will have to start the module again from the beginning. There are no "fast forward" or "rewind" controls because we want to insure that everyone is viewing each module from start to finish. So, again, do not close the video window until you have completed viewing the module. You do NOT have to watch all 6 modules in one sitting. If you exit the course after viewing a module, your user name and password will allow you to re-enter the course and start a new module by clicking on its link on the left hand side.
  4. Pass Codes to Verify Course Completion: At the end of each of the six course modules, the last screen you see will contain a pass code. You must write this pass code down so that at the conclusion of viewing all six modules, you will have six pass codes recorded. These pass codes are your verification that you completed all six modules and they must be entered to gain access to the post-test.
  5. Post-Test: Once you enter your six pass codes, you will be linked to a short two-page Post-Test. Please print out and complete this post-test and then fax or mail it to us (fax number and mailing address is listed on the post-test). Once we receive this post-test, you will have completed the last step to verify your completion of the course. As long as you have correctly answered at least 65% of the questions (9 out of 14 questions), you will have successfully completed the course and we will mail you your CEU Certificate of Completion.

To start the process, please complete the registration form below, after which you will be forwarded to PayPal for payment for the course.

Course Registration

To register for the course, please complete all the information below. After you hit the submit buttom, you will be transfered to a separate page where you will complete your registration by hitting a payment button and paying the $115.00 registration fee on-line through PayPal services. You do NOT have to be a member of PayPal to use their services for payment. This is the only way we can accept payment for this course.

Please complete all the information below. All fields are required.

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You are now ready to submit your registration. Once you hit submit button below, there will be a short delay. You do NOT need to hit submit again. After about 15-20 seconds, you will go to a payment page. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from PayPal and, separately, you will receive an e-mail from us that will include your log-in password to enable you to begin the course.

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